Evolving society and the people mood have been looking at the healthy alternatives to replace the harmful mass products. The dangers of meat on our body also have been diagnosed.

Why are people becoming vegetarian?

Different diseases like arthritis, diabetes and many forms of cancer are common nowadays with the use of meat.

That’s the main reason many people are going to be vegetarian or vegan. The first thought which came in mind about vegetarian is that you can gain the sufficient amount of protein from a vegetarian diet routine. However, it is not true. There are a lot of alternative foods that contain a lot of protein other than meat source. Some examples are lentils, tempeh, chickpeas, tofu, and hemp seeds. We are talking about the benefits of hemp seeds because it’s the best source of protein.

Now the question is that what sets hemp seed apart as one of the best sources of protein than meat?

The answer is very simple; it contains all the essential oils our body needs to live.

The quantity of Omega-3 & Omega-6 in Hemp Seeds

It contains 15gms of Omega-6 and 5gms of Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA’s) in a tablespoon serving. These essential fatty acids are very important to prevent diseases like arthritis and neural network working in the human brain. Also very helpful to improve the skin, acne problems, and all the other skin related problems. EFA’s have the most important health benefits.

The quantity of Protein in Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds also contain 20gms of protein, which is equivalent to a medium sized chicken breast piece. The health benefits are greater than the chicken piece. Let me explain; the chicken contains 100mg of cholesterol value which is 30% greater than your daily intake. And if you talk about the hemp seeds, the cholesterol value is 0%. By this example, it’s easy for you to choose the hemp seed rather than the poultry.

Taste of Hemp Seeds

If we talk about the taste of the hemp seeds, the taste is neutral. So you can use it with any food easily. You may add to your salads and without notifying you can enjoy the flavor of your salads. You can gain the desired protein value by just adding the five tablespoons into your salad or other meal. We can say that the hemp seed is supernatural food that’s a truth. For your long and healthy life, the hemp seed choice is the best.

Are hemp seeds are good for weight loss?

Weight loss benefits of hemp seeds usage are also known very famous. You can say in other words that hemp seeds are natural fat burning food. You can gain the maximum results from the usage. Many people are looking into hemp powder, oils, nuts and seeds into the market. These super fat burning foods are easily available in any supermarket and health shops.

“If you want to know more about the hemp seeds than continue reading.”

Hemp where from it come and what is it?

It came from a nut named hemp and contained mostly oil. Other forms are a powder which is used by the most bodybuilders and the athletes because it contains a lot of muscle building protein which is very important.

The color of Hemp Food

Most of the products are green in color because of the high amount of chlorophyll is present in the hemp seeds. It contains a rich nutty flavor. In some opinions, the taste is same like cashews and pine nut seeds. Many found the taste is neutral; in any case, it is delicious food to adopt.

Qualities of Hemp

The levels of saturated fats are very low. It’s available in different forms like powder, oils, nuts, and seeds.

Every form has the same benefits and contains a lot of nutria value. You can say that it is a replacement of the complete protein based diet. The oil is also easily consumable by the human body. The human body can easily digest the 70% protein found in the hemp seeds in raw form. You are not in need to cook them. You can also use it as cooking oil to prepare your food. The chlorophyll in the hemp seeds is helpful for the healing benefits.

It’s good to boost your energy and build muscles fast. Every age group can use it and gain the benefits. It recommended for you to add the hemp into your fat burning diet to boost the process.

You can use this seed in all forms and almost with everything; you can add these to your dips, sauces, soups, bread, muffins, salads, snacks, every user is helpful and gave you the same health benefits.

If you are looking to use it as a fat burning diet than it’s a good choice.

Calories, Fat and Oil in Hemp

A scoop of hemp powder approximately 15gms contains 60 calories and 1.4gms fat. Tran’s fats are zero the saturated fat about 0.2gms, 1gm polyunsaturated fat, 0.75gms Omega-6, and 0.25gms Omega-3 fatty acids. The cholesterol value is 0%, and it’s sodium free also. The amount of carbohydrates is 7gms, and the half of them are dietary fibers, and the protein value is 5gms. So it’s easy for you to add to your routine as per your needs.

Recommended Usages of Hemp

For common usage, the two scoops or three tablespoons recommended for everyone to include in their diet. If you want to increase as per your desire or needs, it’s ok.

If you are a bodybuilder, then it’s easy for you to consume three tablespoons of hemp seeds thrice a day for maximum results in the form of muscles. It means you need a total nine tablespoons in a day to combine with other sources of your protein intake, and the results are amazing, and the foundation of your muscle building is solid.

Is hemp food is the replacement of meat to the full fill the protein requirements?

The hemp is a complete protein as compared to other forms of protein and contains all the eight essential amino acids that each human body can’t produce itself. There are other amino acids also which can be produced by the human body, but the presentation makes the levels better also. If we say that hemp protein is the best quality protein in the world, it’s true.

You can be in shape or can get muscles by using the hemp seeds. If you are looking to increase your muscle size then must add the hemp seed to your daily diet. If you add hemp into your muscle building program, you would be able to grasp the magnitude of the value of hemp seed in your diet. Once you realize its benefits and see the difference it makes for you, you will keep hemp in your diet.

Hemp & other Plants

Hemp is the most nutritious thing than any plant or food on earth with all of the essential amino acids in the form of bioavailable. Most of the human animals can get the protein naturally by this food.

All the essential fatty acids, fiber and a lot of minerals are also present. The only thing which you are not getting from the hemp seed is vitamins, but don’t worry you can get the vitamins from the fruits and vegetables. Not mean that there is no vitamin value of hemp seed there are Vitamin E & Vitamin B’s are available. The quantity is very low but very helpful. The quality of available vitamins is pure and better than to get from the different supplements. It recommended that you use a lot of fruits and vegetables with the hemp to gain full benefits.

Is hemp food full fill the Human Body Needs?

There are three major categories that human beings need to survive are fat, carbohydrates and protein. The hemp is the best source for all of these, as soluble and insoluble fiber in hemp provides carbohydrates, Omega fatty acids, and the full benefits of protein. All the essential amino acids make hemp a perfect protein diet.

The hemp is not used only for health benefits; many industrial usages are also present. The usage as the health benefits is very effective and attractive because of the infancy nutritional benefits.

Problems from Environment

Unless we are living in a pesticide and the chemical-free world and eat only organic food, there is a chance that our body is overburdened, nutrient deficient and headed toward obesity. In some countries, they fooled you enough by the processed, packaged and canned foods. You think you are safe? No! Every time you open a canned or packed food to cook, you are eating inferior food and monosodium glutamate.

We are unable to maintain the great health as our grandparents maintained, I don’t want to say it’s impossible it’s so difficult. We are facing the toxicity in the modern world in our bodies toxic levels increased, and we are over acidic and in need to take steps to prevent the problems from occurring shortly. Hemp seeds are acting some role to control over these problems also.

The balanced nutrients are available in the hemp not matched with any other available natural food. The flax seeds are close enough to the hemp, but the correct balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 as well other acids, vitamin E and trace minerals and the protein values present in hemp not compared to anything else.

If you are a vegetarian, then the hemp is a good choice for you to adopt for the many health benefits.

We are unable to get the balanced nutrients from the diet; we use a lot of products to balance all the things. But the hemp is naturally balanced, and you are not in need to go for checking proportions of different things in your diet.

The Omega-3 & Omega-6 have gained naturally from the fish oils also, but if you do not like the taste or have concerns about the polluted lakes, rivers and even ocean, then you can get the benefits from the hemp.

How to start the Hemp Food Routine?

You can start your day by the hemp in your breakfast; you can add to cereals, yogurt, smoothies and whatever you like. You can also use as a nut butter by grinding and place the paste on your bread to enjoy the full nutritious breakfast. If you are looking to replace it with your dairy products you can make hemp milk at home.

You are in need of 2 cups of hulled hemp seeds, put them into blender add hot water about the ¾ and close the lid. Start the blender on slow speed, while the blender is working smoothly then you can increase the speed gradually for a couple of minutes. Take cheesecloth and pour all the liquid into it and grab all four corners of the cloth to squeeze out the remaining liquid into a bowl. You can refrigerate the milk. Use it as milk in any form as per your needs.

Is Hemp useful to curb the carvings?

You can curb your cravings for sweet and increase your energy levels too. All the nutrients in the seed help your body to stay balanced and fully nourished.

You can take hemp seeds by the handful, sprinkle on anything and use the oil also. For the baked goods, these seeds make a terrific addition. You can use them as the replacement of almonds, walnuts, and pecans. You can use them in all baked products like bread, cakes, and cookies. You can incorporate this versatile food into your daily routine diet.

The human body is in need of healthy fats and hemp has all these essential fatty acids our body need. When your body starts getting the nutrition and the healthy fats it needs, it will start to detoxification and rebalance the body to proper alkaline/acid state, and this is what you want because diseases only thrive in an overly acid body. The daily usages may restore luster to your hair, improve skin conditions and the most important thing it improves your cardiovascular system, the most important part of your body.

The most digestible form of a protein called edestine. Hemp seed protein is over 65% edestine, which means your body can digest it quickly and easily. Each serving has almost 25% of your daily recommended intake of it. With just a handful, you set for your intake for the day.

I have tried my best to deliver all the health benefits of hemp seeds to you; the side effects not known till the date, also, I suggest to eat organic fruits and vegetables along with hemp to improve your overall health, so you can enjoy your life and live a healthy life.