Ditch your daily dose of caffeinated drinks and switch to a cup of hemp tea, to make healthier and better choices. In this guide, we will take you through how to make hemp tea, its different types and benefits. Let’s get started.

Herbal teas are trending with time around the world, and they have a common staple for the majority of people in the UK. Over the years, these herbal teas have grown and are accessible in some of the best coffee shops too. Hemp tea is one of the many herbal teas which are famous for a bunch of health benefits that they offer.

Hemp tea is highly appreciated in the medical world these days as the benefits of it are unveiled to people. Due to the variety of health benefits that hemp has to offer, it is nothing less than a rising star in the world of teas.

What is Hemp Tea?

Tea is rooted in Asia as it originated here, years ago. Traditionally, tea is made up of tea leaves, but now, hemp leaves do the same task, really well too. Hemp tea leaves are greenish in appearance as they are harvested for a long time. Furthermore, they are collected at a time when CBD is content is at its highest levels. However, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to hemp tea as it leaves hardly consist of 0.2% of THC. Thus, you won’t feel the “high” effect after consuming this cup of tea.

Another query that bothers a lot of people is the content of CBD in hemp tea. The trims from hemp plants have a high content of CBD in them. It is essential to know that CBD is a non-toxic and non-psychoactive element, which has no side effects. Due to the existence of CBD in hemp leaves, it is recommended that you drink hemp tea with milk. Why? Because CBD is a non-water soluble element and you need a source of fat in it. You can also use coconut oil. The high amount of CBD in it is the primary reason why hemp tea has dozens of health benefits to it. Let us see how to make hemp tea at home.

Recipe of Hemp Tea:

Hemp tea is accessible in some coffee and tea cafes, but you can make an excellent cup of hemp tea on your own too. It is almost identical to your traditional style of making tea, but here we are going to share how to make hemp tea within 5 minutes.

Heat a cup of water. Take some dry hemp leaves and place them in a cup. Pour the hot water over the leaves and let the leaves soak in the water for 3-5 minutes. You need to give it time to absorb all the goodness and taste from the leaves. However, you need to check-in for the strength of the tea too. If you like a lighter feeling to your tea, then 2-3 minutes is enough. But if you want your tea strong, then you might have to let the leaves soak in for 4-5 minutes.

The taste of hemp tea is similar to green tea, but you can always spark it up a bit. You can either add milk to it, or you can use coconut milk or oil. Sugar is also optional if you like your tea a bit sweet. Try squeezing a lemon in it for a slightly different yet delicious taste.

A different Hemp Tea Recipe:

We have shown you the most basic way of how to make hemp tea at home, but here is another slightly different recipe. It tastes well, and we would encourage you to try this one.

Combine a tablespoon of hemp seeds, leaves and buds. Pour in half a cup of milk and a teaspoon of coconut oil along with a dash of vanilla. Place all the ingredients in a blender and combine them. Once blended well, let the combined mixture sit aside for at least an hour. Now, pour the mixture in a saucepan along with a half cup of water. Cover the pan and let it simmer for almost 20 minutes at low heat.

This is a very different yet delicious hemp tea recipe. You are going to enjoy the strong taste, and it will give you a beautiful pouch of all the health benefits that are packed within it as it has hemp seeds, buds and leaves in it. If you are suffering from any chronic pain, then try sipping on this specific hemp tea recipe.

Types of Hemp Tea:

Now that we know the hemp tea recipe, you must know the different kinds of hemp leaves that are accessible in the market these days. We have listed the types of hemp leaves here so that it is easier for you to differentiate between them.

● Young Hemp Tea:

Young hemp tea is derived from the dried clippings of the “young” cannabis plant. The CBD content in it is extremely low. Thus, it is used as a source of vitamin supplements. It is accessible in loose leaves and tea bag form both. The young hemp tea has a lot of health benefits. It is exceptionally beneficial for insomnia and strengthens the bones as well. It is an excellent option for detoxifying the body and increasing red blood cells too. Furthermore, it enhances immunity, inhibits ageing and promotes a tremendous hormonal balance.

● Mature Hemp Tea:

Mature hemp tea is derived from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. The only difference between young and mature hemp tea leaves is that the mature tea leaf is extracted from older plants. This means that they have a higher content of CBD in them. However, there is nothing to worry about as mature hemp tea has no “high” effect to it at all. You will get a handful of advantages from it as it provides you with the health benefits of hemp and CBD both. Similar to the young hemp tea, mature hemp has a lot of health perks too. It helps in relieving chronic pain and enhances blood circulation and heart health. It also manages inflammation well and stimulates your appetite.

Hemp Leaf Tea Benefits:

Now that you know the types of hemp tea and the hemp tea recipes too, it is essential to know its health benefits also. What does a cup of hemp tea offer? Why switch your caffeinated drinks with this one? Let’s have a look.

● Beneficial for Depression and Anxiety:

Depression and anxiety are two of the most leading health issues in modern society these days. There is so much that adds up to it, in the life of youngsters and adults. The most important of the hemp tea benefits is that it aids in alleviating stress, depression and anxiety. A slight stressful situation can boost anxiety and make it hard for a depression patient to function correctly. Sipping on hemp tea can bring calamity to the human brain. It helps in putting a halt to the upcoming panic attack. Your emotional drive can be controlled effectively with the help of a cup of hemp tea. Unlike your caffeinated drinks which add up to the anxiety. Thus, ditch the coffee and sip on hemp tea to alleviate depression and anxiety.

● Great for Heart Health:

Heart disease is rising over time, and there are several ways to prevent it. With regular exercise and a good diet, one can enhance heart health in all the right ways. But the addition of hemp tea can have a positive effect on it as well. The CBD in it helps in lowering high blood pressure. It also enhances the circulation of blood in tissues which is highly crucial for a healthier heart. Research has proven that the various elements in CBD, is great for opening arteries. This is a wonderful and helpful factor as blocked arteries lead to a heart attack. The effect of CBD in hemp tea is extremely mild and is non-psychoactive.

● Relieves Nausea Symptoms:

Many people suffer from nausea daily. Sometimes, it is due to severe illness, and sometimes, it is a typical day issue for many. Adding hemp tea to your diet can really boost your chances for easing nausea. Furthermore, it stimulates your appetite, as well. Studies have shown positive for the reduction in nausea. Relief in nausea further aids in the reduction of weight loss too. Therefore, it is offering a pack of health benefits.

● Enhances lung Health:

Cannabis is assumed to inhibit lung function, but that is not true. It is actually beneficial for the lungs. It performs as a bronchodilator and reduces resistance in the respiratory tract. Thus, it boosts airflow as well. Hemp tea brings you a bunch of health benefits which are great for people fighting respiratory issues.

● Helpful for people fighting insomnia:

Insomnia gives birth to several health issues. It boosts irregular breathing patterns, daytime fatigue and drowsiness. If you don’t sleep well at night, you are going to lead an unproductive day and won’t feel happy or fresh either. Thus, sleeping properly at night is extremely crucial. With the help of hemp tea, you can enjoy a deeper sleep and a calm mind. A calm mind is essential for sleeping peacefully. Hemp tea does it all for you. CBD helps in reduction of HEM sleeping disorder. It also controls other symptoms that hinder a peaceful sleep.

● Eases Chronic Pain:

Hemp tea is an ideal choice for pain relief. This is the first common reason why people opt for this tea. The active ingredients of this tea are the major elements which play a huge role in easing chronic pain. It takes around 30-70 minutes for the tea to ingest properly. After this period, you are going to experience relief in any sort of pain that you might be experiencing. The effects of hemp tea last in between 5-8 hours. The peak effects are between 2-3 hours.

Hemp Seed Tea:

Hemp seeds are also known for a bunch of reasons, and they have several benefits to offer. They are rich in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Furthermore, they consist of the 20 amino acids, which makes it an excellent source for protein too. Hemp seeds are easily accessible online these days, and you can get them in the market also.

Hemp seed tea is one of the best ways to include hemp seeds in your life. It helps in hair growth and reduces hair fall and hair thinning. Moreover, it is highly beneficial for human skin and nails. It strengthens your nails and makes your skin appear youthful and glowing. Hemp seeds are also advantageous for arthritis patients as it eases joint pain. Thus, making hemp seed tea is one of the best ways to sip on a herbal drink that benefits you in more than just one single approach. You can easily make hemp seed tea at home. You can use the same hemp tea recipe that we have mentioned above. You have to soak the seeds in hot water for as long as you want, depending on the taste you like.

Hemp Tea Bags:

Hemp tea bags have made life more comfortable. You don’t need to stock up on hemp dried leaves anymore. There are a lot of people who prefer dried hemp leaves, and there is no doubt about it that they have a stronger taste. However, you can get hemp tea bags as well and make a great cup of hemp tea at home. They are accessible in different types of hemp leaves too. Whether you want young hemp leaves or mature ones; there are available in teabags.


Herbal teas are surfacing as people are gaining awareness regarding the endless benefits that they have to offer. Hemp tea, being one of them, is an incredible cup of tea to sip on. With every sip, you are offering a bunch of health perks to your body. This hemp tea guide has every detail in it that you might want to know. We have summed up the basic way of how to make hemp tea at home, and we have also thrown light on the amazing benefits that it offers. Many people remain concerned about the amount of CBD in hemp tea, but it is nothing to be worried about. CBD is the main reason why hemp tea has a bunch of perks to offer to you. It is tagged a non-psychoactive drink which means that you won’t be experiencing any “high” effects of CBD.

Include hemp tea in your life, and you are going to experience some amazing and positive perks of it. It is not only helpful for beating stress and anxiety, but it also promises you a calmer mind and a better sleep. This will lead to a healthier lifestyle and a productive day which leaves you satisfied! Thus, it is time to choose healthy and live healthy.